Why Hire a Qualified Landscape Professional?

In order to protect yourself and your property, here are some tips for you to consider in your search for a landscaper:

1. When hiring a landscape professional, remember to look for quality, value, expertise, and service, not just a rock bottom price.

2. Ask if the company is fully licensed to operate a business.  


A)  FEDERAL:  Employer I.D. Number

B)  STATE:  Registered Business Sales Tax Number

C)  COUNTY:  Consumer Affairs License

D)  TOWN:  Some local towns & villages require special permits

E)  INSURANCE:  Liability AND Worker’s Compensation

F)  PEST CONTROL:  To control pests professionally by either the conventional method or the new organic method, a NY State certified applicators license and a NY State pesticide business license are required.  This means anything other than fertilizer, lime and grass seed.

If the company is not licensed in all of the aforementioned and works for you,


3. Ask how the firm stays on top of industry changes.  Ask about membership in state and local associations, ie: Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association, Arborist Association., Cornell Cooperative Extension, etc. Association membership means the company is taking steps to stay current and informed.

4. Make sure the company is capable of doing the job you want done, has the right equipment, man-power, etc.  Make sure you and the Landscape Professional understand exactly what is to be done, price and time table, work and payment.  Do not leave room for misunderstanding, BE SPECIFIC, do not assume anything.

5. ASK FOR REFERENCES.  Make sure the firm is trustworthy and will follow through with the work to be done.  Hopefully, when you hire a Landscape Professional, especially for maintenance, it is for a long term relationship.