Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

These are some examples of the landscape maintenance services we provide for our hundreds of satisfied Residential and Commercial customers throughout Long Island and New York City:


Lawn Maintenance - Regular cutting will keep your lawn healthy, beautiful and strong. We go beyond the “mow, blow and go” that most landscapers call Lawn Maintenance. Our staff will monitor lawn health, take extreme care with your plantings and other features and report any issues that you should be aware of immediately.

Shrub and Hedge Maintenance - Grooming and trimming the various plantings around your property is key to maintaining healthy plants and a neat appearance. Our staff members have the experience and skill to handle these tasks flawlessly.

Flower Beds and Features - Beautiful flowers will enhance any property. Whether you need new or replacement plantings, you can rely on us to suggest plants that are compatible with specific situations and plant them properly.

Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control Treatments - We will advise you on any weed control, fertilizing, or other services you should consider. You can trust us to only suggest services that are actually necessary for the continued health and beauty of your lawn.Basic weed trimming and chemical applications are essential in order to keep weeds and pests from becoming a problem in your lawn, landscape features and garden beds.

Seeding and Dethatching - Your lawn requires more than just mowing and chemical treatments to stay healthy. We will use state of the art equipment to safely prepare your lawn for seeding and ensure a continued lush appearance.

Spring Cleanup for a Great Start to Summer - Once the snow finally gives way to the new growth of spring, it’s time to clean up your property. Nuts buried by squirrels during the winter, fallen tree branches, twigs and other debris clutter up your lawn and beds and need to be removed and disposed of. We will evaluate your lawn to determine if the harsh winter weather has created any new problems that need attention and consult with you about how to resolve any issues we may find.

Fall Cleanup to Prepare for the Winter - End of season shedding of leaves by trees, shrubs, and other plantings can wreak havoc on your lawn. Leaf removal is an important task to maintain the health of your lawn and the appearance of your property. Our staff will use blowers and power vacuums to remove, mulch, and dispose of all leaf and yard debris. We can also finish with a Winter Prep Mowing. A final mowing to the proper grass length is an critical step for a fast and healthy recovery after the snow has melted. We’ll also analyze your lawn and recommend the proper fall fertilization or other treatments in order to ensure a rapid and lush regrowth in the spring.