Organic Tree and Lawn Treatments

Organic Tree and Lawn Treatments

Why go Organic?

Organic means that the landscaping products have be processed without conventional pesticides, fertilizers, or additives. In an ideal world, buying organic would be easy.

On Long Island alone, over 10 million pounds of pesticides are applied every year. This presents a serious threat of exposure to toxic chemicals and the poisoning of underground drinking water aquifers.

We are facing the worst topsoil erosion in history due to our current conventional agricultural practices. Organic production practices inherently build long-term soil health and stability.

We strive to offer our residential, institutional, and commercial customers environmentally conscious landscape care. While we recognize there is sometimes a need for pesticides in the landscape (as there is a need for medications in humans), environmental impact is always considered whenever plant selections are made, fertilizers are spread, etc. Organic solutions are always explored first.

Organic lawn care uses several basic techniques. It involves proper maintenance such as mowing higher to shade out weed seeds, using the right seeds for the area, and proper watering. It also means supplementing the soil with compost to boost biological activity in the soil.

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